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"Franchise Consultant" is a grouping  of help words very important to me. Hello - I am Dick Rennick. TEAM Rennick is what I call my company because it stands for what I believe in – Together Everyone Achieves More. My passion as a Franchise Consultant is to be your advocate, coach and consultant in our franchise world, whether you are thinking about a franchise start-up situation, buying a franchise, or are in need of a coach for your established franchise.


Franchise Help - in a nut-shell, here's what I can do for you. Based on my life-long experience in the industry, wherever you are in the franchise system life cycle, I have been there, and done that.


As your Franchise Help Consultant, I will help you shorten the learning curve to achieving franchise success by sharing my insights, intuitions, and expertise.


But first, visit my Franchise Blog. As a Franchise Consultant, I write about important things of value and help that you need to address along your way to success.  Just run your mouse here and "click" it.


If you want to "cut to the quick" so to speak, then call me. We can talk about where you are, where you want to be, and how I, your Franchise Start-Up Consultant, can help you accomplish your goals and reach success as rapidly as is possible - what it takes to get there.


If you are interested in becoming involved in a franchise start-up situation

You need to accurately describe your concept to me and why you believe franchising is the best way to grow your business.


On the basis of our conversation, we will together determine whether or not to take the next step – a comprehensive needs assessment.


To conduct the comprehensive needs assessment, I will come to your place of business and meet with you and your team. Together, we will explore all aspects of your business, your products, services, organizational structure, sales cycle, customers, competitors, culture, and unique advantages.


As your Franchise Start-Up Consultant, I then will take the information gathered from the assessment, and evaluate and analyze it, in order to make a recommendation that best fits your needs. My recommendation will describe the next steps we should take to successfully launch your business and to help you achieve your goals.


The TEAM Rennick approach goes beyond taking systems through the initial start-up phase. I work with you and provide post-launch support, which I know is a real need in the industry. I am your franchise advocate and franchise help consultant for the first 9-12 months post-launch, as we walk together through the first start-up phases, putting into place networking and mentoring programs, coordinating internal processes and procedures, and developing support systems for the franchisees as your concept grows.


If you are interested in buying a franchise

As your franchise help consultant, I will assist you in identifying a suitable opportunity that best fits your particular skills, interests, time commitment, business experience, and available investment funds.


If you need help growing your franchise, improving franchise sales, or taking your franchise international

Franchise help works here too - as your franchise consultant, I will identify all of the factors that need to be addressed and work with you to develop a plan and chart the path for steady, strategic, profitable expansion.


Take the first step now to find out how TEAM Rennick can help you rise to success. Call me at 760-774-5311 or send me an email at


"Coach" Dick Rennick

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